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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? You can always contact us, but before you do, please check below if your question is answered here.

Buy furniture online

How do I place an order in your furniture store?

To place an order simply click on the item you are interested in and click on “add to cart”. Then view your card and click “proceed to checkout”.

In the check out you have to submit your details and click on “Request a quote”.

We will then email you with the best price for your chosen furniture item and other alternatives that might be of interest to you.

How do I cancel an order?

Since you don’t actually place an order when you shop online with La Niche, you don’t have to cancel your order. You will receive an email from us with your requested quote, and you can simply reply to that email with your wishes and questions.

How can I pay for my order

We currently only accept cash payments when you pick up your items, or you can use a credit card in the shop.

You can also make a bank transfer as long as we have received your transfer in our bank when you come to pick up the item.

Can you deliver my order?

For security reasons we do not deliver goods, but we have contact details for reliable transport companies who we are happy to recommend to you. If you decide to have your item picked up, please make sure you have paid for the items before the pick up arrives.

La Niche Marbella is not responsible for damages that might occur during transit of furniture bought in our store.

Can I get a refund?

If you purchase a La Niche Approve item, there are no standard refunds, but we do make exceptions in special circumstances. You will be able to view the furniture before you buy so once you have paid for the furniture you know what it looks like and if it is damaged so no refunds are given.

If you have purchased an item from a seller on our site that is not approved by La Niche then you will have to take the issue up with them direct. You can contact us to obtain the contact details of the seller.

La Niche is not responsible for third party sales on our site, but we are happy to assist in giving you the contact details we have on record of the seller.

Is my money safe on your website?

We do not collect money online, you can “reserve” a piece of furniture by clicking “Request a Quote” on our website. This will assure that your item is reserved for the next 24 hours.

You can only pay cash or credit card upon picking up the furniture from our store.

Can I order from your store outside of Marbella?

Our online furniture store is aimed at clients from the areas between Elviria to Marbella,San Pedro,  Estepona all the way up to up to Sotogrande.

If you live outside of these areas, you are free to purchase off this website but please keep in mind the items we sell will need to be picked up in Estepona so the transport fees might be very high.

If you have found this website living overseas, the same rules apply, so check out shipping costs before you purchase any furniture item on our site.

Sell second hand furniture on our site

How can I sell my furniture on your site?

To start selling your furniture on our website you need to first send us an email with a description, price and images of the item you are selling. We will then value the item, and if we think the price is right for our clients and the quality is good enough, we will add your item to our website.

We will charge a commission if we sell your item on our website, more information about this can be obtained by contacting us.

If you are ready and want to send us your furniture for sale, please CLICK HERE

Furniture sell upload

Do I have to pay to sell my furniture on your website?

It is free for every user to create an account but we withhold a commission fee if you wish to add furniture to your shop.The commission fee is only paid if we sell your furniture item.


If you want us to advertise your product in our online store, we will charge a commission if we sell your item. We will then promote your item on your behalf on our social channels and online. Promoting your furniture with our store  will ensure your item gets sold quicker as we always maintain extensive marketing campaigns for the items in our store.

How do I get paid for my furniture?

If you are selling your furniture in the online store for La Niche, you will get paid once we have sold your furniture. You can pick up the money in cash from the store or make alternative arrangements with the store manager direct.

Can I sell new furniture?

We do not allow you to sell new furniture. You can only sell secondhand furniture on our website.

You can sell unwanted gifts or as good as new items, but we do not allow brand new items to be sold on our site.

Can I sell items outside of your area?

Our online furniture store is aimed at clients from the areas from Elviria to Marbella, San Pedro, Estepona up to Sotogrande.

If you live outside of these areas you are free to contact us and ask us to sell your furniture on our site but we might not be able to approve of them if we can’t physically see the furniture to approve of.

Please contact us if you think your furniture is worth the drive for us.

I am a second hand furniture store, can I advertise on your website?

We work together with many other second hand furniture stores on the Costa del Sol so please contact us if you wish to work together with us.

We have special commission rates for frequent sellers and affiliate businesses and many other businesses have benefited very well from advertising on our site.

House clearances

Do I have to pay for a house clearance?

We don’t charge for a house clearance depending on what items you have for us. If the furniture items are of bad quality then we don’t remove them from your home. We only take on furniture that is in good condition.

Will you pay me for my furniture?

In the case of home clearances we will visit your home and value the furniture before we make you an offer. In some cases we might give you a cash offer for your furniture, in other cases we will offer to take your furniture off your hands free of charge.

We only take on quality furniture and will not make any offers on furniture that is damaged too much or that we won’t be able to sell in our shop.

A valuation visit is free of charge

Do you charge for valuations?

We do not charge for valuation visits in the area of Sotogrande, Estepona, San Pedro, Marbella & Elviria. Anywhere outside of these areas we might charge a small fee for the petrol.

Do you organise clearances outside your area?

Our online furniture store is aimed at clients from the areas between Elviria, Marbella, San Pedro, Estepona up to Sotogrande.

We do occasionally go outside of these areas for extraordinary cases so please contact us if you think your furniture is worth the travel time.

Please bare in mind that our clientele are mostly from Elviria, Marbella, San Pedro, Estepona & Sotogrande so if you are outside of this area it might be more difficult to sell your items.

Alternative options are available however and we urge you to contact us if you think you could fit the extraordinary circumstances.

Do you guarantee to sell my furniture on your site?

We don’t guarantee to sell your furniture during on our site but we do our very best to get as many interested clients as possible.

We promote our furnitures on our website as well as our social media channels and we promote it in our shop to make sure all our clients know about them.

We will also send out newsletters to our regular clients and we advertise our store in many printed magazines in and around Marbella.

Can I store my furniture at your store?

We do not store furniture in our showroom on deposit. We make exceptions only in very special occasions but in the majority of the cases we will either buy the furniture off you or advise you to sell it online in our store.